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Birthdate:Dec 21
Website:Wiki Page
Name: Saetan Daemon SaDiablo

Fandom: Black Jewels series

Media: books

Played bymatrixrefugee

Physical description: Moderately tall, with black hair going silver at the temples

Personality: Typist has described him, to the amusement of some fans, as "A cross between Mister Rogers and Vincent Price". Affable and friendly in a stately way, even fatherly, but he is still a Warlord Prince, and thus Very Dangerous when Provoked to Attack.

Short biography:On the Wiki page

Physical Abilities: Nothing outstanding: he's slowed down due to his great age.

Superhuman Abilities Craft: magical abilities possessed by all Blood, enhanced by his Jewels, which allows him to create witchlight and witchfire to light a room or warm something; to call or vanish items from a compartment of hammerspace (for lack of a better term), even to move objects about.

As a Warlord Prince, he is capable of "killing a person dead", as it were, up to and including leaving nothing but a scorch-mark, as it were; he's even made a whole country Never Ever Exist, but of course, at the Mansion, he won't be capable of this, though if a typist is willing, he could obliterate a pup completely. Also, will only do this if Severely Provoked to Defend His Family.

Unusual or Magical Possessions: Will arrive with his Birthright Red Jewels, as well as his Black Jewels

In-game canon: To be played out...

Interests (15):

being witch's steward, black jewels, black widows, daemon sadi, dancing at winsol, hayllians, jaenelle angelline, lucivar yaslana, meat, protecting my family, red jewels, tangled webs, the blood, the demon-dead, yarbarah
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